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4 years ago, this club was born. Created from an obsession of sweaters and a craving for a creative way to create meaning and connection, I came up with Sweater Club. Oh, it’s Colbee here. I am the Melbourne girl who built this business from garage hopping for the first 3 years and now, our very own mini warehouse. I found a love for embroidery, taught myself how to use a machine and now offer affordable custom products for the best gifts, business uniforms or perhaps you have a unique name like mine and just want to shout it from a sweater.

Since moving to the warehouse and creating my dream pet-friendly workplace, I have been lucky enough to grow my team of 1 to 3. Plus our beautiful fury friends, Elton, Freddie and Cooper. We are now a mini team of 3 amazing ladies.

If you haven’t already had some cheeky emails to and from Mishy, our token club entertainer, you’ll find her on the left of the photo with her Fredman. Mish is all things comms, creatives and operations.

Then there’s Georgia (G), she is the teams full time pooch cuddler. She comes in early to every shift JUST so she can give the boys cuddles before starting. Oh and she also works our embroidery machines, often seeing most of you orders from start to finish. G is featured with her cat boy Cooper in our family photo.

FUN FACT - I knew both Mish and G before they joined the Sweater Club team. I worked with Mish at Lululemon for several years. G was from my local post office who often scanned in all your orders on my daily drop offs!

We all play a huge part in every single one of your orders. We have the most fun creating them together, tagging them, packing them and everything in between. We love each and every order that comes through.



Colbee's favourite product

Oh no, how can I choose? I am obsessed with EVERYTHING! Given that the club started with sweaters... I will have to say, I cannot go past a simple Custom Sweater. It's my go to for gifts!

Create a Custom Sweater.

Mishy's favourite product

PRINT-YA-PET Custom Sweater has ALL OF MY HEART. I can't get enough of my Vintage Freddie Sweater.


G's favourite product

My CLUB sweater in Magenta Wash. Obsessed! I love making all your custom pooch hoodies orders the most though.

Custom Pooch Hoodie.