We are super proud to shout from the rooftops that we are the only ones who do Next Day Production. Last minute Lucy's? GREAT! We want you. If you order is placed before 7pm, it will be completed next day*.

UNLESS our top announcement bar says otherwise. During Jan - we try to have a little down time as a team. Therefore production time can be a little longer. Please email if you have any worries.

*Logo/design work can sometimes take up to 48hrs. Only sometimes though.

Our website prices include next day production. There's no extra fees placed on top.

We offer express shipping for $15 per order. Which is sent from our Melbourne warehouse via Australia post. These can arrive 1- 4 business days dependent on which state you live in. We also offer regular shipping via Australia post which can be 2-6 business days. If your package has not arrived within these times, please contact Australia Post first and then us :)

Absolutely we can. There is a Logo Set up fee of $40, found here. This is a once off fee and your logo stays on file for any future orders placed.

Yes. With the nature of embroidery, there are limits to what we can and can't do. This is due to several things such as size, materials, thread options etc.

Our set up fee includes 2 X  set ups. One at LEFT CHEST size which is max 10cms width. Second one is CENTRE chest which is a max 15cms width. If you are wanting larger than this, please email and we can organise an added cost to your order.

Every logo is different. Therefore, there are some that will be perfect for embroidery and some that may not be. What we like to do is work with our customers to see if we can come up with something that will 100% work across all garments that we have available. 

If your logo has a base background colour, we will need to adapt your logo. The reason behind this is that most materials wont hold a full background stitch out with design on top of it. The material buckles and the lifespan of the embroidery decreases. Hence why we will always opt out of this. We want you to be able to have your pieces forever. If your logo is super detailed, has more than 4 colours involved, we may be able to adapt it or we will recommend to print this. Sometimes the more detail/fine lines with embroidery, just doesn't work out.

Sure can. See below before and after's to get a little more clear on what we can create. 

We can most definitely use a combination of our standard fonts to create an embroidery file/logo for you. If you are unsure of what fonts to use, we ALWAYS recommend using our simple "block" font with your business name. Can't go wrong.

We don't have any designers on the team therefore don't offer a logo design option. If you would love to give it a go yourself, canva is a really simple tool that has plenty stock logo creations for you to play with.

Small business? Need merch? Using the same logo and looking to see if we can better the website prices? Well yes, we can. We offer bulk discounts when you are ordering 15 or more of the same product. For example, 15 sweaters, 15 hoodies etc. Each discount is indivually created once you have emailed through your logo work. Please shoot Charlotte an email with any extra questions -info@sweaterclubaus.com

Bulk orders have a production time of 2-3weeks. If you need a bulk order rushed, please specify in your email and we can apply a rush fee if it's possible for us to do it.

I want to use the same photo as a line drawing for 5 items, do I have to upload/pay the set up fee 5 times?

YAY, we love doing multiples! You only need to upload the photo ONCE therefore only one set up fee is paid ($35). You can then just type in the custom text box *line drawing uploaded in other product*.

The above answer/system applies to LOGO work and Kid's drawing orders. Every file you set up with us then stays on file for any future orders you would like to place :)

Can we use 2 different fonts within the one order?

Yes of course. Use the notes section to request this.

Can we get the text shapped in a wave like your Shameless merch sweaters?

Yes of course. Use the notes section to request *please make text wavy*.

Oh dang, my text doesn't fit within your character limit. Can I please pay extra for this? Or can you squeeze it in for me?

Hey, yes there are character limits on purpose. If your order goes over this, we can squeeze it in but this means that your text will appear smaller than our standard size. If you are okay with this, use the notes section to expand your text as it doesn't limit what you type in there.

Short answer. No. We would love to BUTTT...

Let us explain why :)

Our machines and the team are trained/trialled/tested with our full range our products we provide at the club. You better believe that things get messed up on the daily here due to machines not liking the materials, human error, bad days etc. What you guys don't see is us practising for months before releasing a new product. We can't do that with your one off puffer jacket (for example).Therefore as a small business, we choose not to take the risk on other peoples products. There are other companies that will be able to help you out though. Google will supply you with a list.