What's better than custom human clothing? Custom DOG clothing. Our signature dog hoodies have landed + we are ready to BLOW UP the doggo world.

Please check the size charts + breed size recommendations in the next tab, the sizes run SMALL. There is no exchange or returns on custom items.

XS - Please note, your text will appear smaller - 18 character limit.

Max - 30 character limit for sizes S - 4XL.

Our Models are wearing the following sizes:

- Charlie, Cockerspaniel 3XL.

- Frankie, Cockerspaniel, 2XL.

- Chopper, Aussie Bulldog - 3XL, perfect fit.

- Nelson, Bull Mastiff - 4XL, tight fit. 

- Ivy, Small Toy Poodle - L, perfect fit.

- Elton, Bernese Mountain Dog - 4XL, too small, would not recommend. (He was just jealous + wanted to be a part of it all)

Please note that some pups enjoy chewing on the drawstrings/pulling them out. You may want to take the drawstring out first if you know your pup is like this. If they like to get their teeth into their things/play tug of war with their hoodies…teeth and embroidery do not mix. If the embroidery starts to unravel/get damaged because of this, we cannot replace the item for you. We will absolutely replace it if the embroidery is faulty on our end. There is a clear difference between the two. Please consider this before purchasing. If you know your dog won’t like the hoodie or will be destructive with it, it may not be worth it for you. Sorry, we know a dog in a hoodie is the best thing in the world!!



Size chart + Breeds

Size Length (Back) Chest
XS 19.5cm 33cm
S 23cm 35cm
M 27cm 38cm
L 31cm 42cm
XL 37cm 49cm
2XL 44cm 54cm
3XL 62cm 72cm
4XL 74cm 80cm
5XL 79cm 89cm
6XL 83cm 95cm
7XL 92cm 102cm

 *2cms +- tolerance


XS These are TINY, not here for long. 

For 1 week old puppies HA.
S - M

Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Papillon, Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Pinscher, Dachshund 
L - XL Toy Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer, Bichons Frises, Boston Terrier, Pug

Cavoodles (2XL), Frenchy's (2XL-3XL) Staffy/Bulldogs (3XL-4XL) Husky, Border Collie, Samoyed, Labrador (5XL), Small German Shepard, Golden Retriever, Small Small Dogue de Bordeux, Bull Mastiff,  Small Bernese Mountain Dog (5XL)


5XL - 7XL

Standard Berners (5-6XL), Medium-Large German Shepherds (5-6XL), Great Danes (7XL)

To look after your custom clothing, we recommend you follow our easy wash care guide below:

✱ Wash your garments before any use.

✱ Before washing, undo buttons, close zips and check pockets for loose or sharp objects.

✱ Put in wash bag to avoid any zips or things that the embroidery could get caught on.

✱ Wash at 30° or colder.

✱ Wash inside out to help the longevity of the print.

✱ Do not bleach.

✱ Wash with similar colours.

✱ Wash with similar textured garments.

✱ Do not tumble dry.

✱ Lay flat to dry to avoid shrinking.

Hey there,

We promise to do our best with every custom item. The end product may differ from the vision in your mind. Communication is key, please express any requests in the notes section of your orders. Email beforehand to see if your request is possible if you are unsure. There are no exchanges or returns with custom items.

When completing logo/design work, we will endevour to match your colors as close as possible. Please note that with the nature of embroidery, we cannot directly match to a HEX/RGB color code. There will be extra fees for any thread that needs to be specificly ordered in for you. All of the above needs to be specified beforeproduction begins. If not specified, our team will choose the closest match and proceed with the order. There are no exchanges or returns with custom items.

Once your logo is set up, you have the ability to change thread colour options for any future orders. You can do this online or specifiy via email when ordering.

NOTE: Embroidery hoop marks are a normal part of production. Whilst we endeavour to remove them, please note they come out in the first wash.

NOTE: Printed garments may flake over time with washes. It is highly recommended that you wash garments inside out on a cold wash to help the longevity of the print.

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